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NEWBRIDGE (SX712708). Between Newbridge and Holne Bridge the Dart makes a large loop just over three miles long which gives this section its common name. It is a good grade 3 at normal winter levels. Numerous natural drops together with some remoteness mean that this section is not suitable for novices. Access at Newbridge is…
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River Dee is one of the classic WWR division A races, the Serpents Tail and Town falls being the highlights. Downstream of the put in waves take you under a road bridge and past the Chain Bridge Hotel towards the famous Serpent’s Tail. In high water the approach to this is impressive, with ‘play’ stoppers…
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The Lune has a number of sections that are suitable for WWR. The more technical sections are use by the GB team for training in the winter, and the gorge sections (including the strid) are only suitable for intermediate/advanced paddlers. River Lune footage starts at 3:00 in the following footage. River Levels: Webcam:


The River Nith flows east from the hills of South Ayrshire, then south through the towns of New Cumnock, Sanquhar, Thornhill and Dumfries, some 64km to the Solway Firth. Much of the river is of slack water with occasional falls of Grade I, mainly in the lower section. However, for a stretch of about 12km…
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The Tay is a classic wildwater racing venue. A very wide river it produces highly European style whitewater at high water levels, with very long wavelengths. There are twi distinct racing sections, one based around Grandtully – the other at Stanley further downstream. River Levels: Below about 0.7 on the gauge the Tay can be…
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The Tees is a great ww venue when there is a good level of water, however it can be subject to rapid rise and fall of levels. A series of open rapids lead to the gorge section, a series of steep drops the largest of which is Woden Croft – a trickly left hander with…
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The Tryweryn is a great resource for Wildwater racing as it is one of the very few quality rivers that are available through the summer period. The upper site and lower (usually referred to middle section) part of the river are very different in character. The top site is steep, quality international standard water, below…
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A Racing classic. The river Usk rises in the mountains of south Wales to the west of Brecon. It flows generally west to east past Sennybridge, Brecon, Crickhowell an Abergavenny, then turns south before Raglan to enter the Severn estuary at Newport. The river rises and falls faster than the larger nearby river Wye, big…
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