Wildwater Racing Rules 2021

Wildwater Racing Rules 2021

Please find in this post the revised rules for Wildwater Racing after the feedback process that took place in November 2020. The updated rules take effect immediately.

Here below are the main changes from the rules that were in place for 2020

  • Document re-organised
  • Boat types expanded to allow participation of more boat classes
  • Mass Start races included
  • Timing section updated to simplify it
  • Clarification of Wavehopper ranking points
  • Season shifted to be the calendar year – this is to align with UK and International Seasons and simplify age groups understanding.
  • Competition structure removed – this will form a separate document that describes how championships are organised and trophies awarded.

Wildwater Racing Committee

Racing Rules

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WWR Rules 2023 v1.01171122-12-2022
ICF 2022_wildwater_canoeing_rule_change16125-04-2022
WWR Rules 2021 v1.03182931-03-2021
WWR Rules 2021 (Draft 1.00)21311-11-2020
os1 WWR rules (2019/2020)67901-04-2021