New Season Online Entry Processing

New Season Online Entry Processing

The new season brings a renewed focus on improving the process of getting events publicised and entries collected. These capabilities are currently being used for events in England and Wales, for events in Scotland please refer to the SCA Wildwater Racing page.

Consistent Experience

Key to the changes are a drive towards a more consistent experience, both for the organiser and the athletes. By using online entries the organiser will receive consistent information about entries to their event, and athletes have a understandable and easily accessible mechanism to attend a race.

Online Entries Offered As Standard

Going forwards, all events will have online entries supported, the organiser can choose to have online entries for their event at the point of registration. The online entry will generate an email that will send the full details to the organiser, and a confirmation email will be sent to the person entering the event (based upon the email address provided). Online entries will close at Midnight the Sunday before the event. The organiser may choose to accept entries on the day, but no further electronic entries will be supported.

Optional Online Payments

Online credit card payments will be supported. These transactions will go directly to the WWR account, processed by the Stripe payment system. Upon online entries closing, the funds will be sent to the organiser (minus the appropriate levies). The organiser will indicate at the point of submitting an event for the calendar if they wish to take online payments.

National Races Fully Digital

All national races will use online entry forms and online payments.

Online Start Lists, Entrant Lists & Results

If online entries are chosen, a list of the entrants to the event will automatically be published on the event page. In the week prior to the event the start list will be compiled by the organiser and will be published on the website alongside the other event documents (risk assessments and covid procedures). When the event is completed, provisional results will be published and upon ratification the full results will be published and the provisional results will be removed.

Clear Organiser Requirements

We hope that we can simplify the process of getting events on the calendar early, and support the organisers to run a well attended and professional event. The following flow chart shows the sequence of events. In these uncertain times, where full risk and covid assessments may not be completed we would encourage organisers to get the provisional event in the diary – we can then publish on that basis and once the full details are made available the event will be fully enabled.

The sequence of events are as follows:

  1. (Organiser) Decide when you wish to run your race(s). If you already have your risk assessments and covid procedures prepared, that’s great. If not you can choose to get your event booked and sort out the assessments later. Decide if you want to use the online payment system as well, this will send all funds to WWR central account and you will be sent monies once the online entries have closed.
  2. (Organiser) Fill out the event submission form on the website.
  3. (WWR Admin) A provisional event calendar entry will be created.
  4. (WWR Admin) Assessment of the event protocols, risk assessments and covid procedures will be made. This may involve discussions with the organiser and new documents being provided.
  5. (WWR Admin) On authorisation of the event a full calendar entry will be created with online entries and (optionally) online payments set up.
  6. For each entry the organiser will receive an email of all of the relevant details. Basic entry list will be shown against the calendar event.
  7. Online entries will close at Midnight Sunday before the event.
  8. (WWR Admin) Where online payments have been selected, monies will be sent to the organiser.
  9. (Organiser) The start sheet will be created and sent to
  10. (WWR Admin) The start sheet will be uploaded alongside the other documents for the event.

Not Ready For The Full Digital World?

We will require submission of calendar entries via the website, but online entries and payments are optional for the organiser. If you would like to continue using your current mechanisms, that’s fine – we can publicise your event accordingly.