Wavehoppers Rankings Winners 2018/2019

Overall Prize Winners

Susan TempletonItchen Valley CCWK1
Connor PetersNKCMK1

Mens K1

Connor PetersNKCS
Jacob LawWinchester & District CCU14
Samuel LiddyThe SharksU16
Woody SnapperNKCU18
Dougal GlaisherNKCU23
Mark MontgomeryBreak Out CCV45
Malcolm BlowersMeridian CCV50
Richard SheahanRutlandV60
David MacKayWinchester & District CCV65
James RichardsonRutlandV70

Womens K1

Elsa MontgomeryBreak Out CCU12
Kate McManusNKCV50
Susan TempletonItchen Valley CCV60
Judi SheahanRutlandV65

Ranking Prizes are awarded to all the highest points paddlers who have competed in 3 or more races