Great Britain selection registration – Junior and U23 European Championships 2024

The registration for selection for Great Britain Junior and U23 teams is now open for the Junior and U23 European Championships 2024, Engelberger Aa Dallenwil, Switzerland, 3rd-6th July

Selection Events :-

Sprint – Nottingham HPP 6th April
Classic – Nottingham HPP 7th April
Sprint – Grandtully 20th April
Classic – Grandtully 21st April

Selection Model: Combined selection model, best 3 results from 4 selection races. Note U18’s can also compete for U23 selection places once the U18 team is full.

When registering please state which class or classes you wish to be considered. You can only enter a maximum of two classes i.e. K1/C2, C1/C2, K1/C1. This does not include team events.

Please read the documents and the assessments section that are below the Registration Form.

If you have any queries regarding registration do not leave it until the last minute to ask.

Any problems with registration need to be communicated to Jamie Christie prior to registration closing.

The Selection committee meeting will take place a few days after the selection races. Once notified you will be required to accept or decline your place within five days and pay a deposit of £250.

Registration closes 12:59 6th April 2024

Registration is now closed

Registration is now closed



Competency assessments form a key part of the selection process, to ensure a safe racing and development environment for all team athletes.

Please contact Simon Wright the assessment co-ordinator to arrange your assessment.

National Coaches Jamie Christie, Hannah Brown and Nicky Cresser can advise you if you want to discuss matters pertaining to selection and GB representation.

Jamie Christie

Wildwater Racing Committee

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NameClass or Classes
Iona PatrickWK1 WC2
Iona PatrickWC2
Freya PryceWC2
Freya PryceWC2
Thomas ArrowsmithMK1
Ewan CooperMK1
Emily MacLeanWC1 WC2
Lucy HarrisonWK1
Joe HarrisonMK1
Zac HaywardMK1 MC1 MC2
elizabeth whitockWK1
ryan MallonMC1
Benji CabreraMK1
Alexander WatkinsMK1
Oliver StegemanMK1 MC1
Edward ButlerMK1
Oliver StegemanMC1
Finn JohnsonMK1
eddie mackintoshMC2
Callum MasseyMK1 MC2
Connor SmithMK1
Freya PryceWK1 WC2
Rhona NakhaeiWK1 WC2
eddie mackintoshMK1
Adam KnoxMK1
Elsie LandsboroughWK1 WC2
Emma ChristieWK1 WC2
Tom RichardsMK1 MC1 MC2
Molly SandercockWK1 WC1
Ciara MaloneyWK1 WC2
Lucy GuestWK1
Toby WildeMC1
Callum McDonaldMC1
Toby Peyton-JonesMK1
Sam StevelyMK1 MC1
Regan ToopMK1 MC1
Will StevelyMK1 MC1
Katie PocklingtonWK1
Iona PatrickWK1
Huw SingletonMK1
Leon TomlinsonMK1
Kerry ChristieWK1 WC2