GB 2020 U23/Junior Team Selection Registration

For all junior athletes a parent or guardian must also accept the terms, there is an additional section at the bottom of the form for this purpose.

If you wish to register for more than one class, complete the registration form for each class you wish to be considered for.

The selection event is as follows:

  • Ironbridge 20/21 June

If you encounter any issues with selection please let know as soon as possible. You will receive an email confirmation of the class and events you have registered for, if you do not receive any notification within 10 minutes please email to check the status of your registration. Please do not leave registration to the last minute.

GB Selection Terms and Conditions

The terms of GB selection are laid out in the documents below:

ECA,SCA or WCA membership number. Note the membership must be valid for both selection and the international events you have registered for.

Event Registration

If registering for multiple classes - please register another form.
Check all events that you wish to be considered for selection.

Acceptance of Terms

By accepting the terms of GB selection you agree to abide by the rules as laid out in the GB selection documents, the athlete code of conduct and agree to doping regulations.

U18 Parent/Guardian Declaration