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Wildwater Racing Boys Under 14 Youth Series Champion

2003 Jack Harrison2004 Alec Baker2005 Matthew Bowley2006 Matthew Bowley2007 Tim Escott2008 Scott Finch2009 Not awarded2010 Tom Wiffing2011 Not Awarded201220132014 Harvey Petcher – Duddon20152016 Owen Wilson2017 Owen Wilson – Duddon CC2018 Leon Tomlinson – Pennine CC2019 Leon Tomlinson – Pennine CC

Wildwater Racing Boys National U14 Champion

1979 D Platt Leaside1980 M Baum Manchester1981 C Febrey Herts1982 A Curtiss Herts1983 J Benton Leeds1984 P Stamps Birmingham1985 PB Davies1986 G Jones Accrington1987 L Ricketts Kesteven1988 S Brass Clitheroe1989 M Mason Durham1990 A Froggett Stamford1991 A Froggett Stamford1992 J Perrier Hertford1993 M Benson Croesyceiliog1994 M Benson Croesyceiliog1995 C Warren Hertford1996 A Bolton Chester1997 G…
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Wildwater Racing Ladies Under 16 Youth Champion

1991 S Cameron1992 Not Awarded1993 H Short1994 Y Froggett1995 Y Froggett1996 T Warren1997 T Warren1998 S Black1999 Mary-Jean Smith2000 Z Burgess2001 S Kerwin2002 V Swallow 2019 Kerry Christie

Wildwater Racing Mens Under 16 Champion

1987 L Taylor Stamford1988 L Rickett Kesteven1989 J Folland Kesteven1990 B Mitchell Kesteven1991 O Bratton Stamford1992 K Bisping Accrington1993 J Perrier Herts1994 J Perrier Herts1995 M Steele Northants1996 M Steele Northants1997 P Turnbull Durham1998 S Foster Burton1999 T Mumford Burton2000 R Ainsworth Burton2001 M Georgy Solihull2002 I Embrey Burton2003 B Oakley Bath2005 B Oakley Bath2006…
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Wildwater Racing Ladies Junior Sprint Champion

2002 Anneka Brewster2003 Jessica Oughton2004 Jessica Oughton2005 Jessica Oughton2006 Jessica Oughton2007 Sandra Hyslop20082009 Lydia Oxtoby2010 Lydia Oxtoby201120122013201420152016201720182019

Wildwater Racing Ladies Youth Champion

1986 J.J.Ashton P.H.G.S1987 M. Kitchen1988 K. Watt P.H.G.S1989 G. Hargreaves Accrington1990 G. Hargreaves Accrington1991 N. Bailey Leeds1992 N. Bailey Leeds1993 N. Bailey Leeds1994 Y. Froggett Stamford1995 Y. Froggett Stamford1996 L. Wallis Chelmsford1997 L. Entwistle Lancaster1998 E. Holmes Chester1999 Mary-Jean Smith Lancaster2000200120022003 J. Oughton Paddleplus2004 J. Oughton Paddleplus2005 J. Oughton Paddleplus2006 J. Oughton Paddleplus2007 S. Hyslop…
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Wildwater Racing Girls Youth Series Champion

2003 Jordain Davies2004 Charlotte Parker2005 Sarah Walters2006 Sarah Walters2007 Rebecca Warren2008 Aimee Croucher2009 Clare Brown2010 Lucy Brown2011 Gemma Bishop201220132014 Natalia Lechocka – The Sharks20152016 Morna Cambell20172018 Laura Milne2019 Lucy Guest

Wildwater Racing Perception Wavehopper Club Challenge

2004 Shropshire Paddlesport2005 Shropshire Paddlesport2006 Banbury CC2007 Duddon CC2008 Duddon CC2009 Duddon CC2010 HYM COPS2011 HYM COPS2012 Duddon CC2013 Duddon CC2014 Duddon CC2015 Duddon CC2016 Duddon CC2017 Nottingham KC2018 Nottingham KC2019 Nottingham KC

Wildwater Racing Girls Under 14 National Youth Champion

2003 Olivia Churchill2004 Sandra Hyslop2008 Gemma Bishop2011 Clare Brown20122013 Ruth Mckenny – Duddon2014 Ruth Mckenny – Duddon20152016 Lois Leaver20172018 Emma Christie2019 Mollie Ball

Wildwater Racing Girls Under 16 Youth Series Champion

2003 Jennifer Hyslop Hexham2004 Jessica Oughton Paddleplus2005 Charlotte Creamer Leighton Buzzard2006 Vicky Hills Banbury2007 Lydia Oxtoby Leighton Buzzard2008 Lucie Finch Wiltshire Youth2009 Stacey Jackson Wiltshire Youth2010 Stacey Jackson Wiltshire Youth2011 Rachel Slade20122013 Emily Longstaff – Duddon2014 Natalia Lechocka – The Sharks20152016 Jodie Ball20172018 Victoria Longstaff2019 Kerry Christie

British Canoe Youth National Wildwater Racing Club Championships

2002 PaddlePlus2003 Shropshire Paddlesport2004 Shropshire Paddlesport2005 Wiltshire Youth CC2006 Banbury CC2007 Wiltshire Youth CC2008 Duddon CC2009 Oakwood Youth Club2010 Duddon CC2011 Wiltshire Youth CC2012 Duddon CC2013 Duddon CC2014 Duddon CC2015 Duddon CC2016 Duddon CC2017 Banbury CC2018 Nottingham KC2019 Nottingham KC

Wildwater Racing National Under-16 MK1 Champion Presented by Nick Pink

1998 Andrew Bolton1999 Andrew Bolton2000 Jonnie Schofield2001 Jonnie Schofield2002 Jamie Oughton2003 Jamie Oughton2004 Ben Oakley2005 Chris Embrey2006 Rob Vincent2007 Matthew Bowley2008 David Bain2009 Josh Hook2010 Scott Finch2011 Scott Finch2012 Scott Finch2013 Calum Gingell2014 Calum Gingell2015 Calum Gingell2016 Calum Gingell2017 Michael Denvir2018 Michael Preston – Hamble Sea Scouts2019 Samuel Liddy

Wildwater Racing National Under-16 MK1 Champion

1979 M. Smith Leeds CC1980 M. Smith Leeds CC1981 D. Platt Leaside1982 S. Marshall Gateshead1983 A. Curtiss Herts CC1984 N. Stamps Birmingham1985 D. Armstrong Durham KC1986 M. Febrey Bristol19871988 L. Taylor Rutland1989 D. Thompson Accrington19901991 M. Mason Durham1992 B. Nelson Lancaster19931994 James Perrier1995 Joel Wilson1996 Joel Wilson1997 Peter Turnbull1998 Andy Bolton1999 Andy Bolton2000 Ryan Ainsworth2001…
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Wildwater Racing Men’s National Junior Sprint Champion

2002 Jonnie Schofield2003 Jonnie Schofield2004 Jamie Oughton2005 Jamie Oughton2006 Ben Oakley2007 Rob Vincent2008 Rob Vincent2009 D. Bain2010 H. Postill2011 A. Baker2012 Josh Hook2013 Scott Finch2014 Scott Finch2015 B. Teasdale2016 F. Brown2017 C. Gingell2018 Michael Denvir – Forth CC2019 Cameron Bannatyne

Wildwater Racing Men’s National Youth Champion.

1980 M. Smith Leeds CC1981 M. Smith Leeds CC1982 M. Smith Leeds CC1983 P. Sleney Sheffield CC1984 N. Stamps Birmingham CC1985 Neil Stamps BUKC1986 Neil Stamps BUKC1987 I. Tordoff Leeds1988 A. Mason Leeds CC1989 T. Suggett Leeds CC1990 T. Suggett Leeds CC1991 S. Brass Accrington CC1992 S. Brass Accrington CC1993 M. Mason Durham KC1994 B.…
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Wildwater Racing Ladies National Sprint Champion

2002 Yael Ford2003 Dee Patterson2004 Jessica Oughton2005 Jessica Oughton2006 Jessica Oughton2007 Jessica Oughton2008 Hannah Brown2009 Jessica Oughton2010 Hannah Brown2011 Hannah Brown2012 Sandra Hyslop2013 Rachel Slade2014 Rachel Slade2015 Lydia Oxtoby2016 Louise Revell2017 Hannah Brown2018 Hannah Brown2019 Laura Milne

The Ault & Wiborg Trophy for Ladies K1 National Champion.

1977 H. Peacock1978 J. Adams1979 S. Hornby1980 A. Plant1981 S. Hornby1982 A. Plant1983 A. Plant1984 A. Plant1985 A. Plant1986 G. Berrow1987 G. Berrow1988 S. Bain1989 G. Berrow1990 S. Bain1991 S. Bain1992 K. Porter1993 A. Clayton1994 A. Clayton1995 A. Tordoff1996 T. Parsons1997 T. Parsons1998 T. Parsons1999 T. Parsons2000 T. Parsons2001 T. Parsons2002 T. Parsons2003 T. Parsons2004…
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Wildwater Racing Men’s National Sprint Champion

2002 Jonnie Schofield2003 Jonnie Schofield2004 Jonnie Schofield2005 Martyn Steele2006 Jonnie Schofield2007 Grant Anderson2008 Grant Anderson2009 Grant Anderson2010 Ben Oakley2011 Ben Oakley2012 Harry Postill2013 Scott Finch2014 N. Cresser2015 N. Cresser2016 N. Cresser2017 N. Cresser2018 B. Oakley2019 N. Cresser

The Andrew Clough Trophy for C2 Wildwater Racing

2007 S. Wright & J. Christie2008 S. Wright & J. Christie2009 D. Bradburn & C. Cartwright2010 D. Bradburn & C. Cartwright2011 D. Bradburn & C. Cartwright2012 M. Bishop & S. Finch2013 A. Hamilton & P. Anderson2014 A. Hamilton & P. Anderson2015 A. Hamilton & P. Anderson2016 R. Hunt & W. Fotheringham2017 R. Hunt & M.…
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The Ault & Wiborg Trophy for Men’s C1 National Champion

Year MC1 National Champion 1977 RSC Evans 1978 RSC Evans 1979 M. Hedges 1980 RSC Evans 1981 M. Hedges 1982 S. Wells 1983 D. Williams 1984 S. Wells 1985 D. Williams 1986 S. Wells 1987 S. Wells 1988 S. Wells 1989 S. Wells 1990 R. Pearton 1991 R. Pearton 1992 J. Willacy 1993 R. Pumphrey…
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The Richard Barrett Memorial Trophy British National MK1 Classic Winner.

1967 D. Mitchell, Chester1968 D. Mitchell, Chester1969 N. Jackson, Grapenhall1970 T. Young, Leeds1971 D. Mitchell, Chester1972 D. Smith, Warwick1973 C. Avery, Guildford1974 D. Mitchell, Chester & N. Jackson, Grapenhall1975 M. Swallow, Chester1976 I. Freestone, Northampton1977 I. Freestone, Northampton1978 J. Hibble, Leeds1979 J. Hibble, Leeds1980 R. Campbell, Viking1981 J. Hibble, Leeds1982 J. Hibble, Leeds1983 DRH Taylor,…
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John Brown Trophy British Open Championships MK1 Classic Winner

1978 Robert Campbell1982 Jeremy Hibble1983 Jeremy Hibble1984 David RH Taylor1985 David RH Taylor1986 Andrew Martin N.Z.1987 Alan Tordoff1988 Alan Tordoff19891990 Neil Stamps1991 Neil Stamps1992 Neil Stamps1993 Ian Tordoff1994 Markus Gickler (GER)1995 Ian Tordoff1996 Ian Tordoff1997 Ian Tordoff1998 Ian Tordoff1999 Ian Tordoff2000 Ian Tordoff2001 Ian Tordoff2002 Pete Keron2003 Pete Keron2004 Pete Keron2005 Jonnie Schofield2006 Jonnie Schofield2007…
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Water Safety Crossword

A Water Safety Crossword by By Susan Templeton Answers on Page 2

2019/20 season

The WWRC has agreed that the 2019/20 season due to end on 31st August will be curtailed immediately and no further ranking races will take place. There will be no British Championships for the season and the Rankings Winners will be as per the positions after the last race on 14th March. If there is a return…
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Covid-19 and the 2019-20 WWR Season

27th April 2020 As we head into the summer months the outlook for the rest of this year is still uncertain. So far we know that Wildwater Racing will not be starting again in the UK before June at the very earliest and following the cancellation of the Senior World Championships that should have been…
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Publication of Revised Terms of Reference

Following community consultation, agreement at the ACM and then approval by the Board of British Canoeing the revised Terms of Reference document for Wildwater Racingis can now be published. All of the disciplines with British Canoeing have one of these documents that set out the structure and remit of their Committee. The most visible change…
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Cockleshell Heroes Quiz

Updated 25th April 2020 A little quiz set by Susan Templeton – Updated with answers and infomation links at the bottom of this page QUESTION WHAT WAS THE OFFICIAL NAME OF THE OPERATION WHEN WAS THE MISSION DATE WHAT WAS THE MAJOR TOWN IN FRANCE THEY WERE PADDLING UP TO WHAT WAS THE NAME OF…
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Missing the rapids well make your own

Missing the rapids well make your own at home. This is your Blue Peter moment!!!! Project One WHAT YOU WILL NEED Two pieces of wood MDF is good but any wood will do one longer than other size is up to you but the bigger it is the more work About 12 inches long and…
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Matlock Sprint Results – 14th March 2020

Matlock Sprint results are now available in the results section and the latest rankings have now been published.

Wildwater world championships cancelled due to coronavirus

The International Canoe Federation, the American Canoe Association, Nantahala Outdoor Center and the Cheat World Cup organisers are disappointed to announce that the 2020 ICF Canoe Wildwater Championships and four World Cup races scheduled for the Nantahala and Cheat Rivers in the US next month have been cancelled. The ongoing concern over the spread of…
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