British Canoeing – Sport Imaginarium

British Canoeing – Sport Imaginarium

British Canoeing is hosting a Sport Imaginarium at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham on Thursday 7th March.

The Imaginarium is being hosted by Etienne Stott MBE and Laura Baldwin to look at how we harness the power of sport to address the challenges presented by climate change.

We are hoping that we can gather key staff and wider influencers from within the paddling community to come together, to harness the enthusiasm and mindset of paddlers to create a visionary response which empowers, inspires and demonstrates leadership in this important area, to the wider community.

The aim of British Canoeing’s Imaginarium is to be an inspiring catalyst, sparking positive environmental action through a process of unleashing the imagination. Together, we will create a collective vision of a beautiful, healthy and vibrant future for our paddling community which will energise an empowering response to the challenge of the climate and nature emergency. 

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