Updated Racing Rules for the 2023 Season

Updated Racing Rules for the 2023 Season

An updated rules document for the 2023 season has been added to the website, it can be downloading from the normal locations and also at the bottom of this post.

The only change is to section 15.1, removing the old width rule and coming into line with the current ICF WWR Rule.

15.1 Dimensions & Weight
Boats meeting these criteria for dimensions and weight will be eligible for ranking points. Other craft
may be raced at the organisers discretion but not gain ranking points.
All racing craft must meet the following criteria for dimensions and weight:

Boat Type Maximum Length/ Meters Minimum Width/ Meters Minimum Weight/ kg (Dry)
All types of K1 4.50 No Minimum 10.0
All types of C1 4.30 No Minimum 11.0
All types of C2 5.00 No Minimum 17.0

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