Ironbridge 26th-27th September 2020 Non Ranking Races and Junior & U23 Selection

Please read the event and covid risk assessments regarding this race, a number of new measures are being put in place, it is important we comply with these to ensure we can continue to organise future events.

For the event to go ahead and be successful it will be everyone’s responsibility to abide by government guidelines.

2m social distancing at all times will be required.

In line with current government guidelines no more than 6 people can congregate together from different households and must be socially distanced. Entry is limited to 120

Sharing of equipment will need to be minimised. If anyone does share equipment it must be cleaned between users.

If you feel unwell do not come!

Race 1 Ironbridge Classic 26th September

Course is detailed in the map below.

Please note the course has changed from the race held earlier in the month.

The Rowing Club have agreed to allow us to use their Carpark and steps, we only have use of their Carpark and Steps, the club house should not be used by us and the changing rooms are closed. There should be plenty of parking but please do not block any rows in. Do not park on the access road. There carpark will be closed and locked by 5.30pm so please make sure you have not left your car in the carpark or it will be locked in!. The race will start from the Downstream side of the steps. Please be aware of any rowers on the water and be polite.

Start, downstream end of the rowing club steps.

Finish at the Half Moon Pub at the lower end of their bank.

The Half Moon pub are happy for us you use their land for the race, They have asked that we do not use any prime parking spaces in the carpark. Please pop in and buy a drink and support the pub for allowing is to use their facilities.

Get out, is on the river right along the front of the pub. See Map below, there is limited parking at this point so please pick up an depart.

We may have a number of paddlers racing in Kayak and Canoe classes so start times will be arranged to accommodate these racers.

All Kayaks 3pm

Ironbridge Classic Course

Race 2 Jackfield Rapids Sprint 27th September

Course is detailed in the map below.

Everything will run from the Telford Canoe Club site at Jackfield rapid. There is a slight chance that the council will be doing some works and we may not have access for parking, if this is the case we will use the Half Moon pub and you will need to paddle up to the rapid and portage to the start.

Start at the top of the Jackfield site.

Finish, as low down the Jackfield site is possible but before the gabian wall on river right

First Runs Start 11.00

Second Runs Start 12.00

Run start times might change depending on numbers.

We will try to arrange the start list so those doing 2 classes will have time to get back to the start each time.

Ironbridge Sprint Course


Our aim is to use Beam start and finish timing for the sprint only, we will have backup stop watches and will also be recording the starts and finishes with synchronised cameras.

17.6.1 Beeping clock/hand-held stopwatch at start and finish; to 0.5 second.

17.6.2 Beeping clock/hand-held stopwatch at start and photo-electric system at finish; to 0.5 second. 17.6.3 Photo-electric system at start and finish; to 0.01 second.

17.6.4 Where times are rounded, standard mathematical rounding shall be used e.g.: timing to rule 17.6.1, 54.24 seconds would round down to 54.0 seconds and 54.25 would round up to 54.5.

17.6.5 Sprint selection races shall use a beam start and beam finish arrangement unless the race organisers advise that another method of timing is to be used. Any departure from beam start / beam finish timing for a sprint selection race must be announced prior to the last date for receipt of entries for that race.


Results will be processed as soon as possible and provisional results posted on Facebook, no printed copies will be available on site after the race. Any queries or protested must be raised at this time, 30 minutes will be allowed for this process after which time the result will be considered correct and final.

Entries and Fees

Entries will not be accepted after 23:59 21st September 2020.

During the entry process you will be asked to enter contact details that may need to be passed to Track and Trace.

On completion of an entry you should receive a confirming email.

Race Entry is now closed

Entries fees must be paid by bank transfer to the British Canoeing account

To make sure the payment is logged correctly in the central BC account, and you are identified as the sender, please could you add the unique reference number as stated below.

In Notes or Payee Reference details of your bank please add

WWR 2159 – And Paddlers Initials to the end of the reference.

Make payments to:-

British Canoeing 

Sort Code   20-63-33

Bank Account   93316157 

Entry fee £15 for each boat entered, gives an entry into both the classic and sprint races.

Refund of any entry fees paid if race is cancelled, goverment guidance means indiviuals can’t travel or indiviual needs to self isolate or are living with someone who is self isolating.

Non-Athletes attending

Any driver or coaches should also complete the online form for track and trace purposes. Click Here

Start Lists

Startlist will be published soon after entries are closed, no Startlist will be on display at the race venue

Race Numbers

No bibs will be issued for the event. Number must be clearly displayed on white sticker on the both sides of the front deck of the boat. Suitable vinyl label can be purchase from Amazon for example and other suppliers should be available


No briefing, briefing notes will be published with the start lists.


There are basic toilet facilities at Jackfield, soap and hand sanitiser will be available, and the toilets will be checked and clean at regular intervals during the event.

Telford Canoe club site

Map reference 52°37’32.8″N 2°27’59.5″W

52.625768, -2.466514

Part of the site is currently a crime scene, please look at the attached area that we should avoid going into, it is basically anything upstream of the picnic bench. I think this should be ok in terms of access to the water and getting in at the top of the rapid. I have been informed they hope to be finished by the time of our race See map below

Access the Telford Canoe Club site.

I will be on site from 9.00am ish on Sunday.

Please get in for the sprint just at the top of the rapid and paddle up to the start, pay attention not to get in the way of anyone racing.

Race Organiser – Jamie Christie on behalf of the Wildwater Racing Committee –

Covid event officer – Alison Bannatyne