GB 2020 U23/Junior Selection Registration is now closed

GB 2020 U23/Junior Selection Registration is now closed

Dear Athlete,

Registration for Great Britain junior and U23 teams is now closed.

To register you must provide: email address (this will be used to contact you with the results of selection, so it is your responsibility to ensure it is correct); mobile phone number; dob; on the registration form online.

Within two weeks of registering you need to:

  • Read and sign the athlete code of conduct form – WWR final selection 2020
  • Complete the competitor information form 2020 final
  • Complete the GDPR/entry form ref 8  (you only need to do one of these but please specify which selection races you are entering)
  • Send in a passport sized photograph, (this is for accreditation passes if you are selected. (If you raced for GB in 2019 and are on the system this won’t be needed).
  • Scan in a copy of your passport.

ALL of these can be signed, scanned in and returned by email to:

All registrations must be in before 23.59  on  30th April 2020. if you have any queries regarding registration do not leave it until the last minute to ask.

It does not cost you to register.

Please read:

  • Selection for GB teams 2020 v 3.0
  • International events 2020 selection competence and ability requirements v2
  • The assessment guidance 2020 v 3.0
  • WWR Assessment  guidance  2020 v 1.5
  •  Selection overview flow chart 2020
  •  Assessment record template 2020


 Note particularly the section about assessments and competency. It is your responsibility as a paddler to make sure you are assessed.

When registering please state which class(es) you wish to be considered for and which international competitions. You can only enter a maximum of two classes in each competition i,e. K1/C2; C1/C2; K1/C1. This does not include team events. If you wish to register for more than one class, complete the registration form for each class you wish to be considered for.

As a selected athlete you will be required to potentially compete in the team event, which will be at the direction of the team manager.

Assessors will be as follows:

Assessment Co-ordinator: Simon Wright


  • Jamie Christie,
  • Nicky Cresser,
  • Richard Vincent
  • Dave Belbin
  • Ryan Hunt

Assessment does not have to take place just at National Races. You can contact assessors to arrange a mutual time to meet. In the first instance contact Simon Wright as the assessment co-ordinator:

The Selection committee meeting will take place a few days after the selection race. Once notified you will be required to accept or decline your place within five days and pay a deposit of £250.

Competitions are as follows:

  • Junior/U23 Europeans 19 – 22 August 2020 Solkan Slovenia

National Coaches Jamie Christie and Nicky Cresser can advise you if you want to discuss matters pertaining to selection and GB representation.

Julie Lewis will be the Team Manager for the trip.

Any problems with registration need to be communicated to prior to registration close, and we will try to rectify any issues.

Yours in Sport,

Jamie Christie