Wildwater Coach Self Analysis Launched

Wildwater Coach Self Analysis Launched

Hi Guys!!

So a small subsection of the WWR community (The Technical Committee) have been working behind the scenes to assist the British Canoeing Coaching department in creating this self analysis tool. With a digital library of coaching resources shared across disciplines in the backdrop of it.

Now it’s primary design was to target coaches and their coaching knowledge, but I believe everyone on the water should test their understanding and see whats out there to learn!! It can only help you get better ๐Ÿ˜ and who doesn’t want that!

It is in it’s toddler stage so please pass on any feedback (good and bad!) to me, it is an organic platform that we can amend and grow it. It is no way a finished article!

Thank you to all that have been involved in it’s development and a pre-thanks to everyone that goes and has an explore on itย 

Hannah Brown