Southern Boat Series Review

Southern Boat Series Review

Dear All,

SOUTHERN BOAT SERIES (We love all types of Canoes, kayaks and arm paddled craft)

“Maximising potential, opportunities, excitement and fun:Paddle the wild side”

Part of my end of SBS season report made it into the Scene for December 2019/January 2020 unfortunately my latest race reports were post their print deadline but may make it into next year’s first edition.

The Scene are great supporters of the SBS, regularly printing reports and a big thank you to Alan McMurty for his interest.

What s nice to see printed are the local venues and shop who have kindly let us use their facilities/supported the races year on year. Plus Kayley Hollands our friendly photographer THANK YOU.

Plus the other Clubs that help with races THANK YOU

To  make the races better competition we need paddlers in Wild Water Racing and the Open Classes, the last two races saw great numbers across all types of canoes and kayaks providing a great atmosphere in these local races.  Can you encourage others to join in the competition and FUN.  We  also need supporters to step up and assist with start and finish etc.,.   Any arm paddled type of craft welcomed in the SBS events.

I am always on the look-out for new venues, ideas for the races, new trophy ideas and if there are any sponsors out there give me a call.

  • Sadly due to other commitments including one of our regular SBS junior paddlers Jacob being invited to be part of the Southern slalom talent squad;  (Lord) Ian Law will not be running his Winchester Div 4 slalom (unless other members take up the baton) and will be limited in attending events outside of slalom.  We wish Ian and the whole family the best and a big thank you for his support to me, the SBS and WWR.
  • Lastly RIP Malcolm Acreman of Poole Harbour CC who had attended some SBS races and sadly died earlier this year.  A great loss to all who met him but most particularly to his family and his friends in Poole Harbour CC.

Hope to see many of you in 2020.


Susan Templeton

Southern Boats Series Race Manager The Sharks and Itchen Valley Canoe Clubs   

Full reports are available below: