Senior Worlds Selection Criteria

Senior Worlds Selection Criteria

Target Event:                            World Championships 24 – 29 Sept

Target Venue:                           La Seu D’Urgell, Spain

Event and Venue Assessment: 

Performance Level required for the Target Event has been designated: Medium – High

Athletes should demonstrate a commitment to perform well. Achievement of good results is expected, although latitude is given to wider objectives such as, but not limited to, gaining international experience – as a guide, to finish in the Top Two Thirds in MK1 or equivalent % down on winner in other classes.

The Risk Level of the Target Venue has been designated: Medium

The venue is unlikely to cause capsize. Risk of loss or damage to equipment is low and risk of personal injury is unlikely.

Competence assessment required: High

Competence Assessors:                     National Coaches and Team Management including nominated assessors.

Selection Date:    20/21 April 2019

Selection Event:                       HPP

Selection Model:                      Sprint only model

Maximum Team per class:       4 boats per class

Estimated Team Contribution: It is expected the team contribution will be around £650 per athlete